Jerry Scott - Extra cheesy Zits
Jerry Scott - Extra cheesy Zits

Jerry Scott - Extra cheesy Zits

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Jerry Scott - Extra cheesy isbn: 9781449479824 paperback Sprog Engelsk
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Teenagers are unpredictable creatures. They don?t seem to follow a schedule, observe rules (of the road or basic logic), but every once in a while, they make a surprising amount of sense.Extra Cheesy Zits is here to shed light on the always confounding, often amusing experience of parenting teens. Join the Duncan family - Connie, Walt, and Jeremy - as they grapple with modern technology, confront homework deadlines, and learn to bridge the cultural divide between parents and teenagers.

Extra Cheesy Zits offers a light-hearted yet insightful look into the multifaceted lives of modern teens and their families, complemented by annotations from the creators. From mood swings to the perils of sharing a car, this collection broaches many familiar topics with humor and compassion.
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